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Nov 29, 2013 9:20pm EST
this was an extremely polarized issue before barack obama moved to the white house. democratsissue where and republicans had parted company's active the elite level and bed the left -- and then the level of average voters. the data international opinion surveys from pew. stood inwhere things 1987 in terms of a split between parties and where they stood in 2012. you can see environment as one of the issues where polarization had the, much more extreme -- become much more extreme , by the timeine this campaign was launched in the first two years of obama's presidency, it was virtually impossible for elected office holders in the republican party to consider joining the bipartisan coalition that would've been necessary to pass the legislation. question, whyg did the people who were supporting it think it would work? i'm going to leave that question talk about.or us to i do believe many of the business people and environment was who supported cap and trade were so focused on working out the details of a bargain inside of washington, d.c. trying to figure out how many allowances to give
Nov 29, 2013 11:35pm EST
obama care decision. the question of whether they changeled his or her vote, so what. often.o that the story was that the chief justice changed his vote. that was wrong, how dare he? ideological ertain that the chief justice -- this is scotus blog fodder. his is fascinating for those who care about the internal membering nations of the court. we don't try to find out the of the court. that's what the court does. it's structurally set up that way. i mentioned earlier the people who would know this would be a very small number. the justices themselves and he -- the law clerks who, in essence, take orders not to talk about this. some years later will talk about it. some will never talk about what they did when they were law clerks. the whole sort of engine that drives leaks and other government institutions is completely different. there are motives for leaks. you leak something because you want to shoot something because you think is going to happen. you leak something because you want to basically, you know, get it's there and see how going to go. test it out, launch a trial balloon. yo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2